Sunday, November 02, 2008


we are to do a short story, a narrative essay for writing class.

will be posting it here when i've done it.

it's due Nov 6th.

have so many ideas!! as usual fragments of them~

why do we do it? why do i?

why do we procrastinate till the very last minute then regret doing it but proceed to do it all over again come next task?

just because we're humans?

perhaps that's the excuse we give.

reminder to shaqyl: go do your assignments now!!!

broadcast day! radio project!

almost done. (yea right!) lots to do.

the script!!!! is NOT done!

isabel and sabrina are supposed to do it. i've reminded them one too many times.....

well lemme tell you what's done

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Capsules (-Scariest Places)
Station ID
Promotions (-Roxy, Quicksilver, Fitness First)

here are the posters.....

^ this one is the first draft....didn't use it. only the two above are used.

drops on the way home

i spent a day with him. not exactly a day.

supposedly 'my day' but there were interferences

not that i mind. well i do mind. especially the second one which i suggested.

hated myself for that.

but what am i to do?

the floods came rushing when i was on the bus on my way back home. i cried silently.
i took the back seat.

nobody noticed.

the whole time.....during the day, i had a question bursting to be let out

"what would you do if i left you?"

it never surfaced. i couldn't.