Tuesday, October 14, 2008

support him!

remember this?

now it's an album already!!


it's free people~


thousands of apologies for not updating for quite a long time

so many things to say and yet i stay away..^_^

got my room back! yay me! we set up a new bed in the old computer room for grandma. now i don't have to 'merempat' anymore. got my computer back as well but sadly without Internet connection. we transferred the router to the dining hall cause my bro wants to be connected by network cables instead of wireless cause he's in charge of downloading stuffs. which means...the router is further away from my room...cables aren't long enough =_='

the wireless signal doesn't reach my room...too many obstacles (walls). i still hog my bro's computer then..haha. he complains about but i have a good come back now don't i?

things in school is not so great either...we have this radio project going where we have to produce a two-hour radio show. i'm the station manager. two of my group mates are not doing their part and to further increase my blood pressure they are putting the blame on me and the other group mates. ooh there's a lot of drama involved...lets not talk about that.

green team had a birthday party for azwar last monday. i actually met a few of my friends that night (i always do when i go to gombak). Ajmal came down from kuantan for an event (student excellence award. ajmal's a straight A student mind you, and he's doing medicine, my former ELS president). got to see him after 3 years! then bumped into taufiq, najwa (who also came down for the awards), shereen, firwan, hasbi...and a few others.

i'm always re-energized after a day or more spent at gombak. i just love the environment there.

as for my journey towards re-entering gombak. well, i'm currently drafting a letter to be sent to Ust Hamidon. Zayan suggested i do that. perhaps i'll have a shot. even if it is a long shot.

what else?? hmm...lots to write about, and it's all coming to me at one go. can't separate them...aiyoo..will update later la

oh yea the topic's supposed to be for another entry...tp biarla..as a reminder for me

teach me to live

you're torturing me with an arrow
a blunt dagger, just above, hovering,
it gives me hope however,
just end this, end my sorrow

my one-man army preparing solely
against red-painted skies of enemy
merging with forests of allies
marching towards me remorseless

remember once you saw of bright visions
intertwining clutches of passion
making precise images of our future
and said "I’m going to take you further now"

have I mention of grey nights?
evolving slowly, seeping into the essence
bringing forth thousands of suffocating fumes
slithering mysteriously by inches

triangle tethers are forged mercilessly
forced to be worn leaving distinguishing marks
throwing all off balance in the chaos
our threshold is unsteadied by animosity

stop threading on my land
leaving muddy trails, stepping on blood of hurt
crushing new pockets of life
just finding the meaning of growth

orange leaves are soaring aimlessly
as if mocking me silently laughing continuously
to petty arguments, picking fights
give in if you must but keep your pride

I watch drops of rain colour the pavement
darker gaps between sun beams clearer
cracks on walls arranging layered patterns
saying one thing or another

I hear now chatters of life around me
young lives emit rhythmic inscriptions
happy notes stirs envy in my hollowed grounds
partly urging me to stand and see

perhaps it is time to sing out loud
write on soft waves in the wind or so
sway me to uncharted depths of new worlds
teach me to live wordless and proud