Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the day i was born 22 years ago...

hey there, salam..

today was my birthday and it didn't start on a good note. this was because my medication ran out and i couldn't sleep last night. however, that didn't stop the day to proceed to a higher octave.

it stared off with me doing the laundry i've put off since the last decade. then had a subway lunch with my bro (his treat as always).

kim and zayan picked me up at setiawangsa station and went to Lot10 to pick up kim's new watermelon (because of the pink and green colour of it) Roxy glasses~ (it's super awesome, what a colour i tell you and it fits kim perfectly!). on the way there i told them that it was my birthday today, since they seemed like they didn't remember (no hard feelings guys, it's no big deal really :D) so we decided to have tea at DELIcious. the food there is heaven~

later for dinner we (my bro and i) went to pick mum up from the LRT station and had dinner at OldTown in Jusco AU2.

despite having not slept the whole night yesterday and no hope for a good wink today too...today was not bad at all...it was actually VERY good!

and i'm glad for all the wishes from all my friends. old and new. and very old!

thank you all
Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.

-Ruth E. Renkel