Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look Go

Do you know when I escape
To where my dreams take?
The scattered ashes I try to catch
Left me breathless and ragged

Do you know when at night
To where my journeys end?
The billowing wind shakes the trees
Giving me peace and sadness creeps

Do you know when I see
To where my captures seize?
The bothering sun beam stings
But gives light you dismissed

Do you know when I breathe
To where the whiteness bleaks?
These red rings bleed
Searing pain is not for the weak

Do you know when waves crash
To where the pearl sleeps?
Erase what attracts and match
Forcing me to count sheeps

Do you know when the sun rises
To where the eagles fly?
Stumble and fall, fear and cry
But that does not mean I do not try


Tell me you don’t know

1 comment:

kookaburra said...

a song in the making.. just need a guitar/a tune