Friday, February 13, 2009

come escape with me

shadow of the wind
show me something blue
tell me just don't mind
this happens to you too

whisper of the tree
give me a paradigm
so that i can finally see
things that aren't worth a dime

shimmer of the stream
prove to me again
occurrences are not what they seem
look not at what you can gain

silence of the rain
i shall join you
and share your pain
if this doesn't come through

stay with me wind
and tree be my shelter
i won't mind
taking care of you later

stream, cool my heat
and rain, cleanse me deep
stop and greet
take that faithful leap



Moon said...

this is really wonderful!

i'll read it again n comrpehend it more when im in a better state of mind.

then i'll give it more adjectives.

shaqyl said...


okay i'll be here~